Why I love consumer internet businesses

July 6, 2013

First, let me say that there are plenty of reasons to avoid starting a consumer internet company (low barrier to entry, shortened founder lifespan due to excessive stress etc.) But there is one major factor that makes it all worth it IMO:

It’s a lot of fun! Running (or working for) a consumer web company is like playing a video game. You press a button on the controller and something positive (or negative) happens in the game almost immediately. You win a video game by constantly pressing the buttons while trying to maximize your good moves and minimize your mistakes. It’s fast-paced and fun!

Now imagine there was a 6-month lag between pressing the controller’s button and seeing your gun fire in a video game. That pretty much describes any other kind of business.

Good or bad, it often amazes me how relatively slowly things change when you look outside consumer internet companies. Watching them compete is particularly amusing. It’s a bit like watching three-toed sloths get into a fist fight.

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